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Guild Wars 2

All characters are on the Tarnished Coast Server.  For the Toast!



Race: Charr
Class: Reaper
Nicknames: Sometimes goes by Kara, though she doesn't like it.

 Karashai isn't your typical charr.  She was raised by a sylvari after being found hidden among a dead merchant's bull.  The corpse of the adult charr nearby was mangled beyond recognition ,more than likely from trolls.  So Cimabue took the cub home to the Grove with her.  She ended up raising the cub to adulthood since none of the farhrar's in the Black Citadel would take the scrawny misfit.

She had a wonderful time playing among the roots of the Pale Tree, the mother of all sylvari.  She grew to value life and have an insatiable curiosity about the world around her.  While she grew she keenly watched the children of the Pale Tree and came to admire the Firstborn Trahearne.  He used his knowledge of necromancy to try and find a way to heal the ruined land of Orr.  She found this to be quite noble and thus decided to study necromancy as a way to heal others.  She wanted to protect those around her just like her mom did as a guardian.

Once she was old enough she set out on her own to experience more of what Tyria had to offer.  She loves the Grove dearly and will always consider it home even though she is not truly sylvari.  Her visit was the Black Citadel, she wanted to learn more of her race but soon found that she had little in common with the militaristic society.  It made her miss the the serenity of her cubhood home.

After some time of traveling Tyria, Karashai decided to join the Vigil just like her mom.  She was still in training when the battle against Zhaitan took place.  Thus she spent her time in Vigil Keep helping to bandage and heal the wounded as they came from Fort Trinity through the Asura Gate.

It was during training exercises with the Vigil that Karashai met a male charr that didn't care that she wasn't part of a warband nor was he bothered by her being a magic user.  She and Skaro became close and decided to be mates.  It wasn't long after that their cub, Rae Yin, was born.  Karashai's mom, Cimabue, ended up raising her granddaughter while new threats came to Tyria and Karashai and Skaro were called to action.

Rae Yin



Race: Charr
Class: Revenant
Nicknames: Mostly goes by the name of Rae.

Like her mother, Karashai, Rae was raised in the Grove, this was upon her mother's insistance and her father didn't argue.  The only other charr she really had much contact with were her parents.  They spent time with her as they could but she even with them gone much of the time she never felt abandoned, not with grandma on duty.

Once Rae Yin was old enough (just) she went off and joined the Vigil to be part of the Pact.  She started as an engineer but after an accident of mixing too many volatile elixirs she learned that she could hear things.  These things were ancient beings that now called the Mists home.  After a time she was able to channel their power.  Thus she took up heavier armor and started learning how to use mace, axe, and hammer.  Like her mother she found great fun in the thrill of living on the edge.  Quite often she can be heard roaring, "Rae smash!" as she bring her mace down on some opponent's skull.




Race: Sylvari
Class: Guardian
Nicknames: Cimba

 As a newly awakened sapling, Cimabue (chee ma BOO ay), wasted no time in leaving the Grove to explore Tyria and join the Vigil.  She had a great yearning to protect those who could not do so themselves.  Nothing prepared this idealistic, young humanoid for the horror that war truly is.  She handled it well in letting it deepen her resolve to protect those around her.

Once Zhaitan was laid to rest, Cimba felt homesickness swell with in her and withdrew from the Pact and Vigil.  It had been a long time since she had seen the Grove with it's elegantly shaped plants and pleasing scents of forest.  Even though the tug to return was strong she took her time to return so that she could finish seeing what Tyria had to offer.

Finally she let her footsteps take her back to the place of her awakening.  The joy was immeasurable as she came out of the Asura Gate from Lion's Arch.  Others jostled her as she stopped and breathed in the scent of her experiences and thus her own memories.

It did not take the once sapling to settle back in among her people and since she still had the desire to protect, she joined the Wardens.   It was out on one of her patrols that she came upon the grisly scene of an adult charr torn beyond identification and the dead bulls.  She heard a mewling sound come from one of the dead bull's packs and searched to find a small charr cub.  Cimabue thought that she was the most precious thing she had ever seen and it made the horror of fighting Zhaitan all worth while.

She took the young fuzz ball with her and tried to find her parents in the Black Citadel.  None knew her or her parents nor did they seem to care for they figured it was probably the cub of a gladium and had no wish to be saddled with care for such a thing.

Cimba took the cub back to the Grove with her and named her Karashai.  Then she settled down to raising the fuzz bundle of claws and horns with the help of some of her friends.  Her patrols had more purpose now that she had a child to care for and it filled her with great joy.  This joy was even greater that once grown and with a cub of her own that Karashai entrusted the raising of this cub to her.

Rae is now mostly grown and has set out on her own journey to find her place in life.  This makes Cimabue feel pride at the thought of having her own family, just like humans have.  She also understand the loyalty and the fierceness with which they protect their children for she feels the same.  No harm will come to them from the forces that are awakening in Tyria.  She will lay down her life to protect them if she must.

Arboth Pooftail



Race: Charr
Class: Chronomancer
Nicknames: Mostly goes by the name of Poofy.

 Once upon a time Arboth had a warband, that is until one day he didn't.  He became with drawn and subdued as a Gladium, the worst classification that charr could have. For without a warband a charr is nothing.

He happened upon another charr one day that didn't have the same view of users of magic like the other charr did.  Arboth became accepted and joined the Tail warband.  He is fiercely loyal to his Legionaire, Skaro. 

(Poofy's story is a work in progress)

Lord of the Rings Online

All characters are located on the Laurelin server.




Race: Beorning
Class: Beorning

If you would like to know a bit about her you can view her Laurelin Archive profile here.

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