Friday, August 03, 2018

The New Places


I meant to make a post about this a week or so-ish ago but I kept forgetting! As my health is getting better by drinking green smoothies for breakfast I am finding I have a lot I want to do in a day!  Therefore many days pass by very quickly lately for me.

Anyway, I have started a new blog that is focused on my horse endeavors.  I am enjoying it so far even though some of the posts I'm writing a bit a hard for me with the second year of Cocoa's passing almost coming to a close.  It's also been good in a way too.  If you'd like to read my new blog that I will be keeping up with you may click this link to go there.

Instagram is also a place that I tend to update.  Most of it as of late has been centered around Gemma since I haven't felt like doing much art.  I leave this here in case you want to check it out.

Lastly, I have started a Let's Play YouTube channel.  I'm actually finding it quite fun as a different kind of creative outlet.  It's also been a big learning curve too since I've never messed with recording and making videos before. 

I plan on leaving this blog here as it is for now.  I may find interest to continue it at some point but currently I need to focus more instead of letting myself run amok too much.  Enjoy and may you have a wonderful day!

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