Friday, January 05, 2018

Looking Back or Ramble...

2017 was overall an odd rollercoaster of a year.  It started off with my finishing up oil painting and the hope of adopting Gemma and ended with my being sick for three weeks and Gemma and I starting to develop an amazing connection.

I remember how free I felt after finishing up my last oil painting, it was like there was a weight that lifted off me.  I didn't realize I was carrying that around until after I declared the last painting finished.  It didn't take me long to start to explore again either.  I delved right into trying some old mediums and new.

Watercolor is something that I gave a valiant try to but right now, I need something that's more akin to what oils are.  I do better with a slow evolution of my art than trying to force it.  Therefore, acrylics have become a got for me in the recent months. I will continue to dabble in watercolor but for now it's on a back burner.

I still have a lot that I'm struggling with creatively and learning something new just makes me want to quit.  So watercolor will be more for fun things right now and acrylic more for serious pieces.  I honestly love creating what I think of as serious work because I tend to take my time with it.  There's also something about the process that can be more enjoyable because normally the piece goes from a mess to something recognizable.  That to me is still amazing.

Fitting in time for art wasn't much of an issue the first several month of the year but once I moved Gemma from an hour away to half an hour away at the end of August, suddenly I'm finding myself struggling to have the energy to create.  I moved her closer because I want to spend more time with her and due to my health and how weather can be it was making the long drive more and more difficult for me.  However, I wasn't expecting such a decline in my energy for being creative.  Many days I have to choose to either sit down and do a blog post or sit down and spend time honing my art skills.  I'm sure the lack of posts in the last few months tells what I normally choose.

Then the last few weeks of December I was sick and it got quite cold out (talking single digits and negatives) thus my energy for much of anything wasn't there and even seeing Gemma much was a bust.  Now the new year is here and I'm at least feeling healthy again but the cold weather is still here. 

I'm sorry, this post seems to really have no point to it.  I'm currently dealing with a lot of life stuff as far as figuring out my art and seeing where Gemma and I end up.  Then there's everything else to go with it.  So it makes for a really tangled ball of yarn as far as thoughts and feelings go.  If I didn't have the hope that God gives me, I'm not sure I'd ever untangle it all but it will, eventually.

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