Thursday, December 14, 2017

A Horse MMO!

A couple of weeks ago while I was browsing the pre-register games on Google Play, I found one called Star Stable Run.  After reading the description I also learned that there's an MMO too, Star Stable Online  (SSO).  It didn't take me long to decide to give SSO a try since it was free to p lay up to level five (you could continue playing after reaching that level but you can't advance your character any further).  With not being able to level further you also do not get access to all of the content.  There's a bonus for making a new account though, you get three free days of being a Star Ride (a.k.a. subscriber).

The game downloaded with in a very reasonable amount of time and I was then able to start my adventures in Jorvik.

I started off with a Jorvik Warmblood.  Not my first choice but since I didn't get one, I dealt.  Like any horse game I play, I emulated Cocoa first thing.  I was able to name my horse Cocostar and make him a dark bay with dapples.

Learning to care for my horse in game.

First thing you get met with upon loading into the starting area is a quest to learn how to care for your horse.  Everyday you need to feed, water, groom, and pick your horse's hooves.  This helps keep them happy which also means that the horse will perform better.  As you ride around and do quests and run races your horse will have the care icons show up which means that you will want to find a stable to take care of the icon.  If you do not eventually the icon will become red and your horse will not perform as well.  I rather like this care mechanic because it helps simulate caring for a real horse (minus the dirt, slobber, and smell).

Let's Quest!

As I mentioned there are quests in the game, just any MMORPG.  A lot of them are fetch this, fetch that, go collect something, do some chores, etc.  Doing the quests earns your character experience, Jorvik shillings (in game currency), and reputation with the various towns, stables, people, and so on.  The races that you can run daily earns your horse experience, you Jorvik shillings, and reputation.  My character is currently level eleven and Just doing the daily races (only completable once a day) to level my mount can easily take an hour or more.

Running with some wild horses (way behind).
Should I really be using this thing?
A little short on the jump...

I must note that many of the NPC's in this game are complete extremes personality wise.  I feel it's a bit over the top but then I am not in the age range of their target audience either.  However, with the amount of helplessness that many of the 'experts' display, I wonder why they trust a young girl on horse back so bloody much.  I mean seriously, I've built a bridge, done health inspection, been a delivery girl, mopped floors, played name it she's probably accomplished it.  That all being said I do find some of the dialogue to be rather amusing.

 With the game already being over six years old there is plenty of exploring to do.  Unlocking new areas is done by questing which I like a lot.  It helps make it flow better for me.  You learn your way around rather quickly since you can easily end up with quests from one side of the island to the other.  There is some quick mode of transportation if you use a horse trailer or a ferry as well.

On my last free day of being a Star Rider I went ahead and bought a month's subscription to see if the game would be something I would like to continue playing.  Of course it is, I mean it's a HORSE MMO! Also one of the best done horse games I have ever played.  So when they had a memebership deal going on this last weekend my husband bought me a lifetime subscription for Christmas.  This gave me more than enough Star Coins (cash shop currency) to go and buy myself a Welsh Pony.

Since I was able to buy a dark bay pony, I of course named him Cocostar.  This is as close as I will get to a virtual Cocoa in the game.  Yes, that does give me two horses of the same name.  I will eventually rename the warmblood and make him into his own horse. That is a while off yet because I am utterly enjoying running around on a pony.

Yes, you can even do quests for Spirit in the game.
I would never lead a horse with my arm in the air like that...

I can say that I am truly enjoying the game which is really nice since I can't get any real life horseback riding in currently.  So, I know I'll be visiting Jorvik for quite some time to come.  After all there are more ponies that need collecting.

(I have no idea why but blogger is not being consistent with spacing between paragraphs and pictures.  My apologies on that.)

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