Thursday, November 02, 2017

Drawing Diary for October

October saw a bit more time and energy for creative pursuits and with it being Inktober I decided to participate as I had time.  Now if you follow me on Instagram you have already seen all of these.  Please excuse my lack of being able to word/write well, I am still fighting a cold and am not feeling what is my normal.

I started Inktober off a day or two late due to moving Gemma to another new barn on September 30th.  I of course let her moving and settling in take precedence.  I originally was going to do a set of postcards on some cold press watercolor postcards I had bought but that just didn't sound fun.  Thus I decided to do whatever sounded good for that particular day.

I did a few on some smooth bristol paper and the rest were done on the postcards.  I decided they were good for practice at the very least.  My supplies didn't change much.  I used my trusty Deleter pen nib holder, G pen  nib, Deleter black ink 3, and Dr. Ph Martin's India black star ink.  I also used a cheap bamboo brush I have leftover from my university days for the gestural drawings and washes.  

Ink is still a love of mine as is line work.  There's something very beautiful about line work to me.  I do want to practice more with hatching and adding watercolor too.  Like in the Inktober drawing below which I did on Canson illustration paper.

My very last drawing for Inktober was also done on the Canson illustration paper and once I started using the Dr. Ph Martin's ink I couldn't stop.  It flows very nicely from the nib and doesn't dry on it and clog it like the Deleter ink does.  I think I've found a new favorite.  Anyway, I plan on turning the below drawing into a coloring page.

Lastly I finally finished this painting of Gemma that has been sitting in my Moleskine  watercolor book since June using acrylics.  It's my first painting of her and I'm quite pleased with how it came out.  I was hoping with scanning the page that the painting wouldn't come out shiney.  Well...I tried.


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