Thursday, October 26, 2017

GW2: Path of Fire Impressions

It's been just over a month since Guild Wars 2 Path of Fire released and before it gets any older I thought I'd finally sit down to write out a few of my initial impressions of the expansion.  I won't go into super detail on some things (i.e. mounts) because they can actually be a post all their own.

The story of PoF was meh for me.  The only reason why I pushed myself and my husband to complete it on our main characters is so we could open a collection for a hidden mount.  There were many parts that felt contrived and I'm tired of Anet Gundamming characters left and right.  Yeah, that's what happens in war but it's to the point of, so who's going to die this time? It's just boring by this point.  The best part was some of the NPC banter but given my lasting impression of the story I'm not even excited for the next season of Living World.

We were told in the initial announcement trailer that the maps were going to be huge.  Well...they aren't small like the LWS3 maps but I wouldn't say they are huge either.  I think Tangled Depths in Magus Falls feels bigger or even Mount Maelstrom and Lornar's Pass.  I am also sad that they didn't give more sand dune desert.  Variety is nice but maybe I'm just not well versed in actual desert climates with having lived in forested areas my entire life.

My biggest complaint is the amount of mobs and aggro range coupled with respawn timers.  I no longer stop to gather crafting materials in these maps because if I do it's going to be ten minutes worth of killing mobs just for three pieces of wood.  Not what I call fun.  This makes it more frustrating to explore the new maps than even the Heart of Thorns ones.

The mounts are something that's slowly grown on me.  It took actually being able to earn the mastery points and experience to level them through the mastery system though.  At the get go I was not a fan and even still there are points I find them more annoying than fun.  It didn't take long to earn the experience necessary to max out the tiers for each mount and we got a good chunk of that just by pointedly hunting down mastery points.

Over all I think I actually prefer Heart of Thorns even though I have my gripes about those maps and mechanics too.  I'm at least not mobbed for what seems like forever before I can get out of combat.  I've honestly never rage quit the game so much in my life.  It takes a lot for me to just exit in a fit of frustration and annoyance but Path of Fire sure is hitting that button on a regular basis.  The one thing I will say is that the mounts do make Central Tyria fun.

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