Thursday, August 03, 2017

GW2: Path of FIre

July 25th saw the last chapter of Living World Season 3 released.  Players have been hoping for an expansion after the season ended and AreNanet did not disappoint.  Just a few days ago on the first of August they announced their second expansion, Path of Fire.  Here are some of my thoughts on what they told us.

The developers have said that this expansion is going to be focused back on the story and exploring (five new maps that are described as huge).  I'll admit that I like the sound of this.  I am not overly fond of the Heart of Thorns expansion, the best thing it gave me was gliding, because they decided to listen to the players that cried about the game being too easy.  So they ramped up the difficulty which over time we have adjusted to but I don't like feeling as if I must literally fight for every step I take through a map.  Let's hope that Path of Fire does a better job.

With end of LWS 3 we once again didn't have much of a conclusion.  Therefore PoF will be continuing that story.  We'll finally get to see something other than Central Tyria, Magus Falls, and Orr.  This time we get to go to the Crystal Desert.  We haven't seen Elona for 250 years, so I personally can't wait to see how things have changed.

Anet will be continuing on with the masteries system that they introduced with HoT by adding in mounts that you earn via the system.  There are going to be four mounts that all have different abilities.  I'm quite looking forward to this because the developers said that the mounts are companions not just a mode of movement.  They will not be for combat but movement only, however, they have one attack skill that you can use for initiating combat.  Once the skill is used you get dismounted and can proceed to take down the mobs.   They have also added in races as an activity to do with the mounts.

 Nine new elite specializations are also going to be released, one for each class.  Personally, I'm looking the most forward to the Renegade which is the Revenant's new elite.  Rae (my Rev) will gain the ability to channel a female charr by the name of Kalla Scorchrazor.  She is the charr who lead the rebellion against the Flame Legion and is grandcub to Pyre Fierceshot (he was a hero that you could recruit in Guild Wars 1). Since Rae is a charr and a female at that, I find this to be totally fitting for her as a character.  She'll also gain access to the shortbow which I don't mind since currently hammer is the only range weapon a Rev has.

I'm also curious about Firebrand for my guardian, Cimabue.  She's a support type character and it sounds like this elite is good for that.  So instead of shouting to help her allies she may instead use ancient secrets to help her allies and burn her foes.  I'm not as excited about getting access to the axe as a weapon but who knows, maybe it could be fun.

Karashai, my necromancer, will not be giving up reaper (the elite specialization released with HoT) because she loves her greatsword, it really fits the character.  I just hope they keep it in tact with how it is currently.  There have been some rumors on the forums that Anet might make reaper more power based, I personally like the hybrid it can be right now.

Over all I am quite pleased with the amount of information that they released about Path of Fire on Tuesday.  It helped get me looking forward to the expansion much more so than them releasing a few tidbits every week like they did with Heart of Thorns.  I wasn't expecting to be excited about a new expansion but with what sounds like them getting back to exploration and story it has my interest.

Even more surprisingly the first preview weekend is next weekend of the 11th.  I've read other players saying that they are doing a second one later this month but I haven't looked anywhere to confirm.  The expansion is set to be released on September 22cnd of this year.  That is less than two months away and I am definitely  not unhappy by the short wait.  I applaud Anet on keeping the lid on it for so long and then not making us wait long after the announcement.

Pricing of the expansion is actually fairly good.  You can buy the base edition for $29.99 USD and it comes with a max level boost.  There are also two other editions, the Deluxe for $54.99 USD and the Ultimate for $79.99 USD.  Over all much cheaper than a recently released expansion of another game that I play.  If you'd like to see the details between the Deluxe and Ultimate you may look at it here.

Here's hoping that the expansion will be as fun as it sounds.  At the very least I may have a different way to play a couple of my characters that can help with my fun in the game.  I'm always game for that.

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