Thursday, August 10, 2017

Drawing Diary for July

I'm having a hard time believing that it's August already but still it almost feels like time is really slow too.  Ever since Cocoa passed last year the passage of time has been really odd for me. Anyway...onto the few pieces that I completed in July.  It was not a very good month health wise so I often felt too sick or hurt too much to be able to do much with art.  However, I did get a few things accomplished.

With everything that has been going on since Gemma arrived, I lost touch with a good friend.  So since I had bought some watercolor postcards I decided to draw something for her and send it.

Big surprise I drew a likeness of Cocoa using dip pens and ink.  He's been on my mind a lot (almost as much as Gemma) and I feel most comfortable drawing him because of how many years I had with him.  My friend loved the postcard and she said she hung it on her cork board above her desk.

This is my first real attempt at drawing Gemma and I have mixed feelings over it.  I used my dip pens and ink again.  When I wasn't very far in I somehow dribbled a few drops of ink on the paper and then also smeared a line.  I also didn't take the shading very far, I just wasn't really into it so to hide my mistakes I decided to splatter some ink and smudge some areas with my fingers.  I don't feel like it ruined anything because I needed to do something that helped this particular work feel more like play.

The eight mini drawings were to try and figure out some compositions for mini canvases I had bought.  I think they measure about 3 inches by 3 inches which is a bit smaller than I normally work with.

I used my dip pens to do the inking and found out the hard way not to use them with a ruler because the ink would bleed down.  I also smeared the eye of the one drawing because I had deposited too much ink on that spot, oops. 

Next I tried making this into mini paintings on the canvases.  I only kept one out of four because the size is much more frustrating with a paint brush than I realized.

I like parts of this and others I don't so much but it did give me some more experience with acrylic paint.  I think I'd have a much easier time with a larger work surface and I also learned that I really don't like the texture of canvas for acrylics.  I don't mix them with anything to help loosen them up so the paint wants to just sit there and not work into the texture.  I am thinking I will try some watercolor paper soon and see how I like that otherwise I much prefer the hot press illustration board so far.

I also visited more Zentangle so I would at least sit down and work on lines.  I did both of these in the sketchbook I made out of a pad of multimedia paper (it acts like 90lb. bristol) using a rollerball pen that I picked up at the dollar store.

There is definitely an enjoyment that comes from doodling these.  I find them to be incredibly helpful for learning how my hand likes to work.  It makes it easier then to know when it wants to twitch and jitter for when I do more serious ink work.

Lastly I thought I'd share two works in progress.  I wanted to have them done by the end of July but time and energy did not allow for it.  They are both drawings of Cocoa and I plan on putting washes of watercolor over the ink.  Of course I used my lovely dip pens for the inking process.  They are drawn in my Moliskine watercolor sketchbook.

Here's hoping I'll be able to get a bit more created/creative during August.  Although I'm not sure how since it's going to be a very a busy month for us.  This reminds me that there will be no blog post next week due to my parents visiting. 

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