Thursday, July 27, 2017

Rolling Queen

One thing I have learned since bringing Gemma to Missouri is that she absolutely loves to roll.  More recently I've been learning that her favorite place to roll is in the arena.  Sand rains supreme and the drier it is the better.

I've honestly  never seen a horse roll as often as she does.  I of course take pictures almost every time so this post is a photo dump of a few of those pictures for your enjoyment.

The next three were taken while she was still healing from her wound in June, thus the fly mask (it really did help keep the bandage in place).  Normally when I arrive I take her fly mask off so I can see her pretty face for pictures.

This next one is one of my favorites.  I was able to get the timing just right for the dust cloud.

Normally when I take Gemma to the arena I take her halter off and let her roam for a few while I finish getting my own stuff organized.  This way she has time to visit other horses over the panels and time to roll if she likes.  Well, this particular day she noticed that I was about ready for her to be groomed so she came over and parked in front of the grooming tools.  I proceeded to groom her and then put her halter on so I could work on yields and noticed that when we walked over the middle of the arena she was dragging her nose in the dirt.  I finally got the clue that she wanted to roll and took the halter off to let her.  This allowed me to catch the last picture which I find rather adorable.  I swear that is a look of happy and thank you.

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