Thursday, July 13, 2017

Drawing Diary for June

One thing I've been learning is that I tend to get too serious about making art.  I focus on wanting a pretty and polished looking end product.  So, instead I'm trying to change my focus to the process and playing with that process.  Then whatever the outcome is to be happy that I enjoyed the time spent making the piece.

The above is a product of my playing with my new set of transparent watercolors.  I decided to add ink after the paint dried to see what I thought.  I actually, really like the effect of the ink with the watercolor.  Once I decide to continue on with the paint I think this will be how I use it.  I've always loved how ink and watercolor look together and I think it will fit my thinking pattern better than just plain paint.

During the time of Gemma healing from her wound I was exhausted.  So doing much in the way of painting or drawing wasn't very high on the list.  However, one of the Youtube channel's I watch posted a video using ideas inspired by Zentangle.  This got me curious about what Zentangle is and what I found is that it reminded me of drawings I used to make in high school that had a lot of patterns.  I found them to be fun and relaxing to make.  Over all Zentangle is very similar but what I read is that it's true form is black and white only and on a 2.5 inch by 2.5 inch drawing surface.  I didn't follow the true form but I had fun none the less and it got me to practice making lines without having to think too much.

The first one I did before I looked into what Zentagle actually is.  I must admit I'm not very happy with it but we all have to start somewhere.  The rest are once I looked into the art form and used pre-established patterns.  This is when I gotten taken in and started to really enjoy myself.

I was practicing creating even washes in watercolor and decided once it was done that it looked perfect for a Zentangle.  I actually found this one the most fun due to having the color behind the ink.

This next Zentangle I created by using pieces of a watercolor paper that I had trimmed off a painting and glued them down.  Then I proceeded with my doodling.

Near the end of the month I finally had enough time and energy to do something other than doodling.  Thus I decided to break out my dip pens and ink to do a drawing.  They are one of my favorite tools and something I am definitely going to continue using.

The first one I started off using a photo as inspiration but quickly deviated from it.  Letting it flow versus trying to adhere to something specific really helped with my enjoyment and like with the Zentangle pieces I found making the lines extremely relaxing.

The second one was starting to prepare for doing some acrylic paintings on mini canvases.  Those will be a part of July's diary.


  1. I really love how creative you got with the black & white patterns. I agree that it looks fun with the water colour, too!

    1. Thank you! I found them easy since it was copying already made patterns. I put them where I felt like it though. While I don't feel like they are truly mine per se, they were still fun.