Thursday, June 29, 2017

Painting Diary for May

I did so much art during May because of the constant rainy weather that I decided to break up the drawings from the paintings for the month into two different posts.  All of the pieces (except one) in this post are watercolor or as I found out through reading about watercolor, opaque watercolors.  I am not keen on the results because the opaque watercolor doesn't have the bright luminescent qualities of transparent watercolor.  Therefore I didn't finish all of the pieces I had started because I was not having fun.

The first three pieces are probably the best out of the lot.  I painted them through some paint alongs that zladyluthien hosted on her Twitch channel.  With the step by step instruction even the opaque watercolors seemed to behave fairly well.

Next I decided to give a galaxy painting a try.  If the colors would actually been brighter and I had let myself use some black, it may have turned out ok.  As it is, it's very pale and bland.

After doing some other subjects and also realizing that trying to learn landscapes and watercolor at the same was probably not the best idea; I decided to go back to horses. 



I felt ok about both of those and felt like the colors came out better.  Thus I decided it was time to try painting our cats, Loki and Odin.  These two I didn't finish because by this point I was getting quite frustrated since I had tried to paint another mountain range and galaxy which well...I didn't finish the galaxy one.


The last piece is one I did with gouache and was inspired by Ravanel's last drawing diary where she got inspired to draw close ups of feathers.  This didn't turn out quite like I had planned but it was a good exercise anyway.  I used too much water in the background which made it run.  Oops.  Noted for next time.


  1. Hmm, it's funny, but contrary to you, I really *love* your first water paintings! The trees and the colourful sky are really pretty. I've never used opaque water colours myself and I can see how you miss the brighter colours, but there's something special about it. For instance your first painting with the trees... the soft yellow looks exactly like sunlight.

    I also LOVE your galaxy painting! How did you keep the white spots white, if I may ask? If you painted around them... well, you don't see anything of that -impressive. I don't think I'd be as successful if I were to try something similar. The whole thing looks so "soft", like actual clouds. I'm not sure how to get that effect. Did you use a sponge?

    I'm also a fan of your purple-blue-white cloudy thing (2nd from the bottom)... Again such pretty clouds. If you have any tips to make such clouds, let me know!

  2. Thank you! My issue with the opaque watercolors is not being able to do many layers. I am finding I really like to do layers with watercolor.

    The white dots for the stars are acrylic paint that I spatter on top after the rest was done. Except for the bigger white areas. Those I just tried to not put paint on. So I used more water and less pigment as I got closer to them.

    I did a lot of wet on wet and layering to get the softness.

    zladyluthien is doing a paint along this Saturday and I believe it's going to be about how to paint clouds in watercolor.
    You don't need a twitch account to watch.

    Also on her twitch channel in the highlights section she did a paint along with Dryad Tea as a guest and she went over how to paint clouds there too. She will explain it much better than I could!

  3. I've never used acrylic paint before. I might need to get some white to at least try and make a galaxy thing! This one goes on the pile of "things to try out one day". (I may have to write it down, because I don't think I'll keep track of it all.)

    Thanks for the link! There's lots of stuff for me to look into on YouTube, it seems! I'm very stubborn, though, and usually like to figure things out by myself. If I follow step to step guides to copy a certain work, I'm afraid I'll just take over other people's techniques (aka the Bob Ross effect) rather than find out what my unique approach and style is. So it's something I do sparsely.

    1. You could also use gouache paint too. Basically any opaque paint should work. Arcylics can be fun to paint with, I actually like how fast they dry.

      You're welcome! I like looking up the basic stuff because that helps me get started. Or if I'm stuck with something I'll look up some videos. One thing they teach in art school is to copy the masters because of how much you learn. I tend to incorporate bits from all over the place. :)