Thursday, June 22, 2017

Drawing Diary for May

For May most of my drawing consisted of drawing mermaids for Mermay.  Mermay is an even that Tom Bancroft hosts on Instagram.  He encourages artists to draw mermaids and use the hashtag of #mermay.  I decided to join in and do a few since I am still relatively new to Instagram and figured it could be something fun to participate in.

I had intended to try and draw more than I did but between other life happenings and also wanting to do more watercolor, I decided to forego filling my Instagram with mermaids.  Drawing mermaids is also not something I really want to be known for per se.  I'd prefer being known for drawing horses, other animals, and characters.

For my first mermaid I just came up with something that was relatively quick.  I drew it in pencil first and then used a Micron multiliner to ink it.

For my second day, I decided to draw my main character from Guild Wars 2, Karashai, as a mermaid.  She was not amused by this one bit.  I again drew in pencil before inking.  I am not pleased with the colored pencils though, they are definitely not a favorite medium of mine and this helped reinforce that.

Of course given my love of horses, I had to draw Cocoa as a horse mermaid.  I rather like how it turned out.  As the others I drew first in pencil and then inked with a Micron pen.

Since I had drawn Cocoa as a mermaid I had to give drawing Gemma a go too.  I don't think it captures her enough but given that I've only had her just over two months, I'm not upset.  I know that drawing her in a cartoony style will come easier as we get to know each other better.

The next two I decided to try cat mermaids.  The first one was done like the previous drawings but the second one I did on actual marker paper and then used colored ink and my dip pens.

These last two, I seemed to have come up with my own character.  I probably would've drawn her a few more times if I had continued drawing for Mermay.

I definitely learned a few things by participating the little bit that I did in the challenge.  I need more practice drawing the human figure again and I would like to draw my charr more too.  Dip pens and ink are also my favorite way of inking so I will be doing more of that for ink work versus using multiliners.  The dip pens give a much nicer line and better control.


  1. Haha, you truly went berserk with the mermaids! The Gemma one is my favourite.