Thursday, May 04, 2017

Botanical Drawing Challenge

I first caught wind of this challenge in Ravanel's Drawing Diary: January post and I really liked the idea of drawing thirty different plants.  So I headed over to My Open Sketchbook to read Kay's (she's the creator of this challenge) post about it and download the image for the list.  I started the challenge near the end of February and finished it near the end of April.  There were some days I just wasn't in the mood to draw and others I didn't have time or was too exhausted.  However, I persevered and completed it!

The list.  Please check out My Open Sketchbook if you want to download.

Before I sat down to start drawing the first plant I decided that I would make a composition of five plants per page.  I didn't plan them out by looking ahead either, at least not for the most part.  I wanted this to be something fun that would help me get back into drawing and overall it was.  Although I spent way more time in the beginning on the plants than I did at the end.

My method was simple, I sketched in pencil and then used a gel pen to ink them.  I was going to do cross hatching to work on that style of shading. However, due to the amount of time it took to do that on the very first one and the lack of decent pictures I could find, I decided a simple line sufficed.

Plants 1 - 5
Plants 6 - 10
Plants 11 - 15
Plants 16 - 20
 Plants 21 - 25
Plants 26 - 30

I am glad that I was able to finish the challenge even though it took me way longer than thirty days.  I did learn that I rather like drawing leaves but flowers can be very frustrating.  Sometimes drawing what you see is difficult because of what you know.  The pictures I would find to use as references on Google just added to the challenge of that.  This is making me want to make a trip down to the botanical gardens at some point thought so I can sit and draw from real life versus a picture.


  1. Your plants look awesome! It's so smart to put multiple on the same page and go with pure linework. That way it is faster, you focus on the shapes and you automatically get interesting compositions. I think 6-10 is my favourite, because the thicker lines make the composition extra interesting. But it is hard to pick tbh, because they're all well done.

    Hopefully I'll be able to finish Kay's botanical challenge too at some point. I do love to draw plants.

    1. Thank you! I love putting compositions together, especially when it deals with different kinds of elements like the plants.

      I would love to see you draw more of the plants of the challenge. I loved what you showed so far.