Monday, April 03, 2017

Goals for April

A post that is more of a personal nature, however; I'm hoping that writing down some goals for the month will help me keep things in mind better.


The goals for the blog are relatively simple but could make it somewhat more time consuming.  My main focus will be to keep up with at least two posts a week and since I have been able to keep that one so far I don't think it will be much of an issue.  

The  more time consuming aspect is going to be dressing things up a bit more around here.  While I do like simple, there are points where simple is too plain.  So I want to find a happy in between some how.  One of the ideas for making things more visually interesting is having an image with the title of the blog post.  It may also allow me to delve into some fun lettering here and there which I enjoy.

I have a feeling that subject wise things may get a bit horsy, so my apologies to anyone who isn't particularly interested in that subject.  I am one of those people who need to be around them to breath, thus they happen to be a big part of how I am.  I would like to try and come up with some posts for gaming but with that being such a small part of my day currently, it's difficult.

My other ponderment is something I mentioned in March 2017 Month Review about trying to figure out if I want to actively try to get more readers.  It's not because I want to be popular, it's more for dialogue exchange, I have found that something to be enjoyable.  Or instead of actively seeking readers I could just let things take their natural course.



For the other side of my creative endeavors I want to continue to play with some of my old favorite mediumes, i.e. pen and ink, charcoal, conté crayon, and graphite.  These are materials I used to be very familiar with so here's hoping that it won't take long to get back into the feel of them.

A medium that I never have used much is watercolor.  I want to do at least two watercolor pieces this month even if they aren't much to look at.  I plan on using plants or trees as the subject for them at first because it will help me play more.  I have drawn horses so much that at times I have a hard time with not getting too serious.

My biggest goal for artistic adventures this month is to have fun and play.  So anything that falls into that will be fair game and the rest might get thrown out the window.  We'll have to see.


It feels odd adding Gemma into the mix when she isn't in Missouri yet but we are supposed to go pick her up on April 5th.  So hopefully it won't be long and she'll be here for me to start building our partnership.  I do need to keep in mind that these goals will be soft goals since putting a time frame on anything related to growing a relationship and training can just lead to frustration.

Really the first goal is to get her to Missouri.  I am about at the end of my patience in waiting to go get her but I am at the mercy of other's kindness.  Thus I must be patient and trust God that Wednesday April 5th is THE DAY that Gemma will move to Missouri.

The firs thing I plan on doing with her is The Chair Challenge which I bought into well over a month ago.  It is a training but you're not actually interacting with the horse for the most part.  You sit in a chair out in the paddock, pasture, or arena with your horse.  You seek no interaction but just learn how to be present in the moment.  This is called sharing territory and creates, re-establishes, and grows the bond with your horse(s).  If the horse does come into your space and is pushy you are allowed to move her off with your body language.  I did something similar with Cocoa but didn't know what it was really doing for our relationship until I found this program.  It helped explain so much.

Another goal is to get a bit for Gemma from Myler Bits because they are made to be more comfortable or ergonomic for the horse.  I truly want her to enjoy the mouth piece and be comfortable with it.  A happy horse is a more willing horse.

I also plan on starting to teach her how to give to pressure.  Being able to lower a horse's head by putting some pressure on the poll (the area behind the ears) is a great benefit.  She also needs to learn to move away from pressure on her sides.

Home Life

As for home life, I want to make sure I spend time with my husband.  I can get a little focused on things and sometimes our time together suffers as a result.  Thus I need to be intentional about making sure that I don't get too wrapped up in horse and art so I don't ignore my guy! This will probably include watching more Babylon 5 and trying to play some more GW2 with him.

I also need to make sure my kitties get many cuddles every day.  I am very thankful for them and their company.  I'm not saying that this isn't something I don't already do but it never hurts to keep it in the fore front. 

Try new recipes from a paleo cookbook that I found and purchased.  Not a lot to add to that other than there seems to be many a tasty thing in the book and I'm looking forward to trying some of it out.  I've known that I'm allergic to all grains (wheat, corn, quinoa, oats, etc.) for a couple of years now but trying to find recipes that are actually worth it is difficult.  So it's a great boon to find a cookbook that looks so promising.

Here's to hoping that April turns out to be a fun month among all of the other junk that life loves to throw at us.


  1. "My other ponderment is something I mentioned in March 2017 Month Review about trying to figure out if I want to actively try to get more readers. It's not because I want to be popular, it's more for dialogue exchange, I have found that something to be enjoyable."

    I think you're on the right path there. Finding other people out there and discussing the things you love is one of the things that makes blogging so much fun! At least for me. The best way to go about it, I found, is to find other blogs that you like and comment on them. (Pretty much like you did on Ravalation.) Because it's hard to get to know people if they don't know you're out there.

    I also remember you writing at some point that you find yourself writing about gaming less than you wanted. But, nobody is saying you should write about gaming all the time! The truth is, you can blog about anything that makes you happy, and in my experience when you do, your enthusiasm shines through in your writing. Just write about the topics you feel like writing! Seriously, I'm the only gaming blog that I know of (apart from you) that writes about gaming and drawing. So it was a bit scary when I started. But people have only reacted very supportive! And I don't think I'd have pursued it as seriously as a hobby if I hadn't written about it.

    Since you love horses so much, perhaps you could look for some cool horse blogs out there? Not something I can help you with of course. Although I did find this one horse blog ( that seems interesting... if I'd have a clue what all those horse terminology was about! Haha.

    Sorry for the long comment and I'm looking forward to your next posts... no matter what they're about. :)

  2. Thank you so much. I appreciate the advice and insight. :) I will definitely keep it in mind as I continue down the path!

    I'll have to take a look at that horse blog. It would be great to find some others that write about them. I've been slow on some aspects due to every thing else that comes knocking. :)