Monday, March 20, 2017

Opting to Adopt Part One

I'm not entirely certain how I ended up on the trail that I have followed to this point but I do know that it branched off about two years ago.  Facebook showed a page in one of their sponsor spots that caught my attention.  The post showed an emaciated horse and the rescuers told a sad story of the poor animal's neglect.  I decided that I wanted to see how this equine's future turned out so I clicked like and started following the organization.

At the time I was rather sketchy yet on checking Facebook, so I semi lost track of the horse but I kept seeing posts by the rescuers.  I really liked what I saw with how they posted about the horses under their care and that they put out educational postings as well.  I soon became familiar with their name, Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue, Inc.  The longer that I followed them the more I became interested in what they were doing and the desire to adopt a rescue horse as my next horse blossomed.  I also got this strange feeling that my next horse would come from Heart of Phoenix (HoP) but I had no idea when that would be since, at the time, Cocoa was still healthy.

Thus I continued looking at the posts as I remembered/felt like looking at my news feed and became more and more familiar with the rescue.  The impression of just loving what they do and how they go about it grew.  Then I finally checked into their origin last summer and I had to smile, it made me like them all the more.  You may read about how they got started here: Phoenix's Story.

Little did I know that last July when they posted a video of a mare named Gemma that I would remember it so well five months later.  The video showed Gemma out on a trail ride, the trainer was taking the video so you saw the top of her neck and looked between her ears.  All I could think as I watched the video is how much it reminded me of Cocoa and how he would bebop along on the trail.  If you would like to see the video you may find it at the end of this blog post: Gemma Heart of Phoenix Rescue Horse of the Day.

I avoided Facebook for a few months after the loss of Cocoa due to not wanting and not being able to handle people well.  Sometime in November I ended up getting back on it and saw that HoP had posted a video of one of their new intakes being trained at a clinic they held.  I really liked the look of the gelding they had named Paladin.  He is an extremely good looking guy and what most women would classify as a heart throb if he were human.  I ended up discounting him though because of  his height being 15 hands.  I really wanted a horse around the 14.2 hands that Cocoa was.  They are much easier to get on and when needed redirect their center of gravity.

So with that out I got to looking at their list of adoptable horses and discounted many due to their age.  I wanted a young horse but one that was at least considered green broke because I don't mind finishing a horse's training but starting it from the ground up sounds like a bit too much when I have to board.  There was one horse that caught my attention though, a chestnut halflinger cross named Link.  The look on his face was just so cute and looked so friendly, I fell in 'love.'

A day or so passed and I was getting this nudge from God like I needed to sponsor Link.  I wrestled with it a bit and then finally told my husband and we talked about it.  He let me know his feelings and I told him that I had the impression this was something I needed to do.  So, I went ahead and sent out a check to sponsor this sweet looking guy.  Of course I also had it in my mind that he must be the horse for me since he was a gelding, and not a bay, and he was young, and he was cute and friendly.

Thankfully I have people around me that help me see when I might be jumping in too quickly since little had also been posted about him at that point.  My mom even mentioned that maybe God was just using him to help open my heart to love another horse again.  It turns out she was correct in this and so was my husband since he agreed with her because a few weeks later I find out through Facebook that he had foundered previously and likely hadn't been started under saddle.  I was a bit disappointed but by that time I had also seen a post about Gemma needing a home.  I remembered her from that video I had seen in July and I also vaguely recalled the blog post. 

So I looked into her more or at least what information was readily available and rather liked what I saw.  The only thing was, I didn't care for her age but God had seen to knock down that obstacle a couple weeks prior by using a horse named Darlin.  She is a pretty, chestnut quarter horse that my friend and also the owner of the barn where I board owns.  I had given thought of possibly buying her but as I prayed about it during mid December when my grief was back to being hardly bearable (Cocoa came home in mid December of 1996 so it was the marker of 20 years) I realized that I needed to pursue adoption first.  It was something I had talked about for the last couple of years and I felt like I owed it to myself to at least try.

I remember telling myself that maybe I would throw an application in for Gemma when I felt ready and that stewed inside me for a couple weeks.  Then finally I blurted it out to my husband on December 21st (the date that marked four months since Cocoa passed).  He seemed a bit taken back because of how soon it could mean we'd have horse bills.  I can't blame him on that seeing as how he is the breadwinner.  A couple of days later I then tell my mom and one of my aunts and the idea started slowly taking shape and I began feeling hope again.

During Christmas, along with a couple days before and after, my PC was down due to the fan on the graphics card starting to die (my husband did order a new fan and installed it on the card so it works again).  I decided it was just best not to bother with turning it on and playing any games at all.  So I spent the time reading web comics on my tablet.  It was this forced time away from the games that I so enjoy that allowed me to make some decisions about things needing to change if I were to get another horse in the spring.

Games needed to more or less take a hike and I needed to get back to drawing.  I have a story I want to write and make into a web comic and reading these other web comics started making me feel inspired to get off my duff and do so.  I need to push myself and truly learn how my RA limits me and know how much I can do.  I also had four oil paintings that needed to be finished and done so I could lay oil painting aside for good.  Really it was time to suck it up and be even more responsible than I was previously.

So I decided that I wanted to have the paintings (you can view them plus one extra in my art gallery) done by the end of February.  Then and only then would I allow myself to put an adoption application in for Gemma if she were still at HoP.

My apologies, I did not expect this portion to get this long but I personally feel like I needed to start at the very beginning.  Thus I will continue on with a part two later. 

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