Friday, March 24, 2017

LOTRO Spring Festival 2017

When I saw the posting in my news feed on Facebook that the Spring Festival for LOTRO had started, I decided to go check it out.  I was honestly hoping it would be as fun as I remember it being when I played a few years ago.  Sadly I met with more frustration than fun...

Giara looks more like she's cheering than angry...

What I didn't think about enough when I decided to take part in the festival is how much I hate mazes.  I seriously am not a fan because if I get lost and can't find my way out it starts making me feel claustrophobic.  Yes, even a game can trigger that panic.  The last time I took part in the quests my husband was also playing so I followed him around for most of it.  Yesterday I was by myself and trying to learn the way through on my own.  I even looked up a map on the LOTRO wiki which helped some.

It actually took me several quests to realize that where I went really wrong was with which quest I chose first.  I walked up to a NPC and chose a quest with out reading it.  Oops.  The quest is called Disorientation and requires you to find six dire beers and drink them before ten minutes is up.  That part I didn't have much issues with.  It was what happens after you drink one of the beers.  A few seconds after quaffing down a dire beer your character faints, the screen goes white, and then you appear somewhere else with in the maze.  This quest lived up to it's name.  I was so disoriented I almost quit without finishing.

After I finally found my way out and back to the quest givers, I picked up the quest to find the wandering elves.  This was not a good follow up.  It took me entirely too long to figure out where they were all at and then once I did I couldn't find my way out.  I am a bit embarrassed to say that I almost wanted to cry in frustration at this point.   I think I actually did exit the game and go do something else for a while.  The feeling of not accomplishing anything was not helping me in trying to think clearly to find my way through the maze.

I could somehow find the entrance when I wasn't looking for it.

Once I logged back in, I was able to find my way out of the maze and once again I picked up another quest.  This time I chose A Laugh at the Lost where you muddle with the signs to confuse the elves (NPCs) with in the maze.  This time things finally started to make sense with what I was looking at on the map, which I ended up printing off, and what I was seeing on my screen.  I actually didn't get lost, not even when I was going after the naughty hobbits.  This made me feel better and like I wasn't such and idiot.  Therefore I continued on with the rest of the quests that dealt with the maze.  I actually found the quests where you run straight through it to be the easiest since by this time I had it committed to memory better.


When I was done with the quests at the maze I decided to follow a quest to Bree so I could collect some flowers.  This quest proved very frustrating until I read it (see a pattern here?).  It became extremely easy once I had and thus proved no problem to get two thirds of it done.  I ended up having to log out to go make dinner before I finished and thought I could finish it this morning only to find out it apparently has a timer of sorts.

Let me pick you!!!

While I was in Ered Luin to pick flowers for the previous quest I mentioned, I got side track by yet more quests in Duillond.  The pretty scenery was also distracting as I made what felt like several runs between Duillond and Celondim.  I'll admit I was starting to get a bit tired of the run around but I persisted out of sheer stubbornness.  I think the easiest quest in Duillond was the shrew stomping even though there were quite a few players participating (and now that I think about it, as a beorning I doubt that Giara would actually stomp shrews.  She'd probably prefer to talk to them instead).

Waiting to stomp some shrews.

Finally I was done with Duillond (after repeating the quests this morning for more leaves) and made my way over to the Shire for a quest or two, I'm not even sure where I picked them up by this point.  I'll admit I didn't bother reading what the hobbits had to say because even though I had taken a nice long break between last night and this morning, I just didn't care.  I did enjoy the scenery a bit though along the river that flows through Hobbiton.

While there was a bit much running around, I think I prefer the horse versus the maze.

Once I was done in the Shire I had to go all the way back to the festival grounds north of Bree to hand in a quest.  I wasn't very ecstatic about this but I did it anyway.  I got rewarded some Ithilien shards which at level 32 I have no use for.  Oh well, maybe I'll have need of them some day.

Since I was in the area and I was only eleven leaves from being able to buy one of the kites, I decided to go ahead and run the horse race.  I shouldn't have bothered since like every other time I have run it in the last few festivals, I lagged when running across the boards so I ended up in the muck.  This slowed me down to the point I lost the race.  What truly irked me was not being able to repeat the race until an hour had passed.  Seriously? WHY! A one minute timer would suffice.  I felt further irked by it because once I had done all of the maze quests again today I was only one leaf short of a kite.  It's not that I'm in a rush of must have, it's more that I want to just be done with this whole affair and go back to trying to figure out what and how I want to do to level Giara.

All in all the Spring Festival may be to some player's liking but for me it's been more frustration than fun.  This does sadden me a bit since I remembered liking it when I took part a few years ago.  I guess a part of it is that I'm not the hard core gamer that I once was.  The other being that most of the items do not fit my beorning since she is not wanting to look like an awkwardly big elf.

While I had done two posts this week already, I felt like I owed one still since Monday's ended up being a two parter.


  1. Note that there is also a horse race in the Shire! It's southeast of Michel Delving, close to the entrance of the Shire homesteads. I lag out sometimes as well, and it really sucks. It is really a case of practice makes perfect, though. Don't panic right away if you do fall into the water: you can still make it as long as it's just once. You can even do the water jumping part quite slowly so you're sure you won't fall (I even stand still for a fraction of a second to aim right, if need be): the speed buff will make up for the missed time.

    I agree that the comedown timer for if you fail is ridiculous, though. Made me feel really bad in the instances that I failed, too.

    1. I totally forgot about the horse race in the Shire after dealing with so much frustration. heh. I did try to stand still for a couple moments on the boards and it still kicked me in the mud, both times. =\

      Ah well, I got my kite the next day but doing a speed run through the maze. So it still worked out. :)