Thursday, March 02, 2017

5 Hobbies I Enjoy

The idea to do a prompt like this came from 5 Fandom Friday which I learned about by reading Ravalation.  I came up with this particular one myself but 5 Fandom Friday could have one similar to this, I didn't read through the entire list.

I settled on this for today's post because my brain just doesn't have the power to think fully through some of my other ideas.  The storm that blew through our area Tuesday night caused some major barometric pressure changes which in turn caused my RA to flare up and a pounding head.  I'm doing better today but still recovering my energy.  Anyways enough rabbit trailing.


My most favorite hobby of all time is most definitely horses. I have been obsessed with them ever since I can remember.  Most people seem to remember me by this fact also.  Once you get me started on the topic I have a hard time stopping (I will do my best to not get too carried away).

What is it that is so enjoyable about these animals? That is a bit hard to answer since it is a feeling that words don't do justice for, however I will do what I can.

The connection or bond is what stands out most for me.  Like any relationship it takes work and commitment to build and maintain.  It is also extremely rewarding.  It's an amazing feeling to be out on the trails and letting go to just be with your horse.  Or to be grooming and being able to communicate with a light touch and energy.  Perhaps the best part is to just be with your horse without intention and then learning to listen to what he has to say.  They have a lot to teach when you're willing to let them.

I could write so much more but that is better left saved as a post of it's own if I so desire at some point.


Even though l have an expensive piece of paper that says l am to be considered a professional artist, I don't feel it and thus still consider it to be a hobby.  Also it's more fun when you don't take it too seriously.

It was when I was in fifth grade that I started to do some drawing beyond stick figures.  I remember drawing Garfield freehand from a picture in one of my coloring books and it actually looking halfway decent.  Even before that I remember trying to copy the little cartoons that my dad would draw for my brother and I and anytime my mom wanted to do something creative she had to make sure to get enough supplies so I could do it too.

As l got older drawing slowly became more a part of what I enjoyed doing.  I took what classes I could and then when it came to college I ended up settling on art as my major.

The problem with art school was they didn't want creativity, they wanted conformity.  I am normally not much of a rebel but I walked the line during my university years.  Unfortunately it didn't keep the stress from sapping me to the point I almost hated art and it has taken me far too long to let it go.  It's becoming enjoyable again which is a wonderful feeling.


Another facet of creativity and something I'm returning to.  I used to love English class for the writing (and reading) aspect.  Although my favorite assignments were always the creative ones.  Coming up with stories was a great outlet for all the books I read.

There were many years during my college time that I would write fanfiction because it was easy to come up with stories using already established characters.  Admittedly *puts on shame face* it was also an outlet for my obsession with certain anime characters.  

As the years passed that subsided (thankfully) and a distaste for writing fanfiction or drawing fanart grew steadily. I learned a lot during those years but the desire to do my own grew stronger.  Now the closest thing I come to it is if I write or draw something of my MMO characters.  

Currently I have two stories that have been with me for over a decade.  I am slowly starting work on one and hope to have it up as a webcomic in the next couple years.


Once I learned how to read I've never stopped.  My first books being the Dick and Jane ones.  I remember the joy of being able to understand the letters on a page.  It didn't take long for me to start frequenting the school library.

I also remember my mom having to threaten to take my books away so that I'd get my homework done.  I always carried a book with me to class in high school.  People took note and in my senior year I got voted class bookworm. *sigh ~*

My favorite genre is fantasy but I also have found enjoyment in biography, history, informational, and science fiction.  The best books being about horses or horse related.


I grew up with an NES in the house and have fond memories of playing Super Mario Bros., Contra, Battle Toads, Blades of Steel, and a golf game that was a family activity.  I also remember playing a lot of card and board games as a family.  So I guess it's no real surprise that with the advances in technology it became a hobby.

When my husband and I started dating he got me into playing PSO (Phantasy Star Online) on the Gamecube.  We played offline and also played it with some of his friends.  This was my first taste of making my own character and naming them. I loved it which is probably why a few years later I got into MMO's.  They have also become a way for us to spend time together.

I also enjoy some of the single player rpg's.  My first one was Final Fantasy VIll with a few others of that series following.  Story wise I think FF IX is my favorite and mechanics wise I really liked FF X.  I've picked up VIll and X on Steam and IX on Google Play.  Sometimes the memories are sweeter than reality.  Admittedly I haven't bothered picking up any of the new ones.

The other genre that I tend to enjoy are simulation games because many times there creative elements in them. The most notable being city building simulation or a tycoon game.  

Surprised I haven't mentioned a horse game specifically? That's because generally they stink.  The game companies never seem to be able to get everything correct.  As a real life equestrian this irritates me to no end because most of the time it gives false information.  So then you end up with people who do harm as a result (Hollywood doesn't help in this either).  I do have some hope for Riding Out since it is being done by an independent company.  Although truthfully nothing is better than a real horse.  

There you have it, a bit more about my interests and for whatever reason these posts always end up taking more time to write than I anticipate.


  1. Cool to read about what occupies you. We have quite a lot in common! And no worries, prompts like these are exactly there to make it easy to write something. Not every blog post has to be critical and intellectual. It's fun to have some light reading every now and then to get to know the blogger. :)

    1. PS I didn't read your previous post, not because I don't like reading about GW2, but because I didn't want to be reading story spoilers. Major kudos for putting up that notice btw! I was spoiled with the death of a major GW2 character earlier this year by a blogger that thought that wouldn't be a spoiler - as you can imagine, I don't really dare read her posts anymore.

    2. It's fun to do some light writing too. :) I refuse to take this blog too seriously since that always saps the fun out of things.

      I had a feeling from reading your blog that we had a lot of similar interests!

      No worries. I don't blame you one bit on not reading it for not wanting spoilers. Spoilers always ruin the experience for me so I will gladly try and warn others about them.