Thursday, March 09, 2017

5 Fandom Friday: Geeky Expressions Only Your Friends Would Understand

It's not Friday but close enough.  This seemed like a fun prompt and with everything going on currently, fun is needed.  I am not saying that things are bad.  It's more along the lines of life changes for both my husband and I.  Mine is being saved for a later post once I know which direction I'm going.

All of the expressions that my husband and I thought of are game related in some way.  Although I just thought of a sixth that I may include at the end.

“Don't Go Squish!”

This phrase came about while we played Phantasy Star Online (PSO) on the Gamecube with several of my husband's friends (we actually played in offline mode).  There is an area called Caves that has pistons in some of the hallways.  They moved up and down and would insta kill you if you got caught under them.  One friend started saying, "Don't go squish!” Every time we would come to those areas.  The saying stuck and we use it still today in other games.

Grrr Rappy

Another phrase that came about during our time in PSO.  Rappies are yellow birds in the game that are a rare creature and there are rare versions of these birds.  I was hunting one called a Pal Rappy for a rare item.  Well, one appeared but I didn't see it.  The Rappy came up behind me, pecked me, and killed me.  From then on none of us called them a Pal Rappy any longer but Grrr Rappy.


This was an acronym used in the last guild we participated in while playing Dungeons and Dragons Online.  It was confusing for new member because anytime a group was being put together people would respond with rfi in the chat box.  New members always ended up asking what it meant.  They were told ready for invite.  Understanding dawned and they joined in.

X Up

This was something our first Guild Wars 2 guild used when forming a group.  In the guild chat window you'd see something like, "2/5 for AC P3 x for invite.”  or "Guild missions in five minutes x up for invite.” Anyone who typed x in guild chat would be added to the group.  This made it easy to know who still needed an invite or who wanted to join in.  Remembering this makes me wish our current guild did this too.

F It

Admittedly this isn't a favorite one but anyone who plays or has played GW2 should understand it.  I blame the devs for the default key mapping.  

One night in Lion's Arch map chat a new(er) player was asking how a ranger obtained more pets.  My husband answered along the lines of, “You walk up to an animal that has juvenile as a part of its name and F it."  It took him pointing out that the default interact key is F for people to understand.

Lots of Planets Have a North!

Here's the bonus one.  I can't take credit for coming up with it truly.  It is actually a quote from Doctor Who in the first episode with the ninth doctor.

Rose: "If you are an alien, how come you sound like you're from the north?"
The Doctor: "Lots of planets have a north!"

I did make it a much uttered phrase during a pen and paper game using the Pathfinder rule set though.  All I remember is that I slipped the Doctor's quote in at an appropriate point along with the proper accent.  It made everyone laugh and from then on we slipped it in when we could.

I do find it amusing how words and phrases can turn into a way to communicate or an inside joke among guildmates and friends


  1. So cool that you've been doing these! "F it" made me laugh out loudly, to the extent that Conrad came into the room to check up on me.

    I know changes can be super exhausting, even if they are worth it, so I'm sending lots of virtual positive energy your way. I mean, I know it doesn't actually do anything but just so you know, I'm hoping for the best.

    PS Perhaps you've already thought about this, but if you are on Google+, you're welcome to join the Female Geek Bloggers group and post your articles there, if you want. There's a link at the bottom of my 5FF posts. I find it quite fun to see what other people write on the same prompts as I answered.

    1. I had to tell my husband about your reaction to F it since it was one of his that he brought up. He was greatly amused.

      Thank you. I can definitely use energy right now. The RA has been in flare up mode for two weeks or so. I know you well understand how pain can drain and fatigue you.

      PS. Thank you for letting me know! I'll have to check that group out. :)