Monday, February 20, 2017

Kick Off

It's always difficult to start something, especially when it involves something like a blank page.  At least it is for me.  This apparently doesn't just include the snow white page of a new sketchbook, trying to come up with the opening sentence for a paper, or figuring out how to start an email. It also included starting this first blog post.  Calling out the elephant in the room seems to have worked for it is started.  Huzzah!

Some of you may be wondering what sort of topics the writing here may encompass.  That is something I don't blame you for since time seems to be a precious commodity these days and I would hate for you to waste it.  So without further ado here are the subjects I plan on including (just keep in mind that plans are subject to change): art, books, cats, gaming, horses, and a bit of general life.

If you are wondering at the name of Moon's Meadow for a blog well the short of it is this, I am working slowly on a webcomic idea and Moon's Meadow happens to be a place within the setting. It was my husband's idea and since I couldn't procure the address for my other title I liked, this one won.

If a reason must be given for why I am starting a blog then you may be disappointed. I am simply wanting to get back into the practice of writing to help me in organizing my thoughts. It is also to help me prepare for the webcomic, i.e writing and keeping a schedule.  So really it's more for me than it is for anyone else, however if I end up with a post or two that is helpful to someone, then that is awesome.

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