Monday, February 27, 2017

GW2: The Journey for Caladbolg

A warning to those who haven't completed the Heart of Thorns story, this post contains spoilers that involve the ending of that story.

Along with the balance patch released on the 22cnd came a new current event.  One which involved a certain weapon that we obtained upon completing the Heart of Thorns story.  Unfortunately we obtained it in a broken state, thus we couldn't truly enjoy it.  Many players have wondered and speculated about when or if we would ever get a chance to restore this magnificent item.  Finally after a wait of a year and a few months we get to make Caladbolg whole again.  For me this also meant getting some bank space back since I had kept all of my broken Caladbolgs from completing HoT on multiple characters. If you didn't pack rat like I did then you can find a recipe to make one here along with a guide.

Just what is Caladbolg? To quote Ridhais, the sylvari npc that helps you reform the weapon, "Caladbolg is a sacred weapon of the sylvari, a thorn given to the Firstborn Riannoc by our mother, the Pale Tree.”  It has also been a widely requested weapon skin to be made available for use by the player base.  

Upon logging into a character after the patch you receive a letter from Warden Leide in the Grove (make sure the character has completed HoT).  He tells you that a memorial has been erected in memory of Firstborn Trahearne and you are welcome to come and pay your respects.  

The statue of Firstborn Trahearne in the Grove.

Once you have done so you receive a letter from a sylvari named, Ridhais.  She wants to meet with you in your home instance (it can literally be any of the horne instances) to talk to you about an important matter.  Make sure you have a broken Caladbolg on you. You learn from her that Caladbolg can be made whole again and that you must also attune yourself to the weapon because it amplifies the wielder's emotions and impulses.  For Trahearne this meant that it enhanced his noble qualities.

Karashai talking with Ridhais.

After you are done talking with her a collection unlocks and then you go to the four Magus Fall maps to collect the shards of the blade.  I let my husband take the lead on this and just enjoyed following him around which allowed me to grab some screenshots.  

With the first collection completed you go back to talk to Ridhais in your choice of home instance and unlock another collection.  Again I followed my husband around and snapped a few more screenshots.

Now that both collections were complete it was time to take the items from them, a vision crystal, and the broken Caladbolg back to Ridhais in a home instance.  At this point there is a pattern of give her an item, meet her in a map, enter an instance, complete the instance, and then return to a home instance.  if it weren't for Guild Wars 2 waypoint system this would've felt even more tedious.  However one nice addition was the friendship mote in each story instance. This allowed the non-instance owner to advance at will without an annoying auto popup in the middle of the screen.

Karashai's mini owl griffon staring at the Mote of Friendship.

My favorite part of the whole deal was following my husband around to retrieve the items for each collection. This allowed me to appreciate the scenery of some areas that I normally don't go to and gather some screenshots.  The other two parts I enjoyed were the last two instances.  One being because of a character we met up with again and the last because we hadn't been in the instance since helping Trahearne cleanse Orr.  I was struck by how beautiful this Orr instance actually is and thus had to take some screenshots.

Once you are done with the last instance you get to choose which form you want to make Caladbolg into.  Don't worry about your choice since you can repeat the whole thing to get the other weapons.  What I really liked was that they allowed you to preview all of the weapons on your exact character model right in the instance.

Caladbolg Scepter
Caladbolg Dagger
Caladbolg Greatsword
Caladbolg Sword
Caladbolg Shield

My charr reaper being who she is had to keep Caladbolg in its original shape.  She will happily wield it in memory of the sylvari who inspired her ever since cubhood to be what she is.

Karashai with her new shiny.

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